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Mind Flow Inc.

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We are a group of licensed clinicians in private practice who provide a full range of psychotherapy, counseling and psychiatric services for adults, couples, families, adolescents and children.

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Everyone needs help once in a while to plot a course back from chaos to a balanced life...

What We Do
We treat the following conditions: relationship problems, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, personality disorders, phobias, eating disorders, addictions, stress-related disorders, trauma and more.

We offer a range of treatment modalities including individual, couple, family and group therapy.
Getting Started
The first step is to arrange an initial consultation with one of our psychotherapists. At this consultation, the therapist will gather information about your concerns and then make a recommendation about the type of therapy that would be most appropriate for you.
Our Clinic
Our clinic is user-friendly. We are small enough to be personal and responsive, yet large enough to meet your individual needs. Each person receives prompt, sensitive and confidential attention.